Violence in Mexico


Over the past several years there has been a drastic increase in violence across the border in Mexico. Just last year there were over 3000 murders in the vicinity of Juarez just across the Rio Grande River from El Paso. The US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), and now the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has had agents working in Mexico with the blessing of the Mexican government for years. This is not a covert mission. It is well known by the Mexican citizens that they are there. The primary reason they are working in Mexico is to try to reduce the flow of drugs and illegal immigrants into the US.

It has been widely reported that on 15 Feb. two ICE agents were travelling north from Mexico City. STRATFOR reports that the two agents stopped for a bite to eat along the way and were surveilled by cartel members who arranged a “rolling roadblock” farther up the road. At this roadblock the two ICE agents were attacked. One was killed and the other was wounded. There are a couple of theories as to why the attack took place. One is that the cartels would value the fully armored Suburban in which the ICE agents were travelling. The other is that it was a targeted hit on the agents. No matter what the reason, the hit team knew it was a US vehicle by the diplomatic tags it was carrying.

That makes it a targeted attack on known American citizens. This is unacceptable! My question is where is the outrage from the OWH? Where is the demand of the OWH to Mexican President Calderon to bring these cowards to justice? Maybe I shouldn’t call them cowards; the proper term may be leeches, for they are slimy suckers who hide under the rocks of humanity. Why does the OWH tolerate the insults and lies put forward by Calderon? The Mexican president is blaming his problems on the US. Mexico is currently one of the most violent countries in the world and the government is unable to quell that violence.

The prime duty of the federal government is to protect our homeland. We hear daily of large amounts of drugs and illegal aliens being intercepted coming across the border or coming in by sea. Only those of a gullible nature would believe that the majority of the smuggled drugs and illegal immigrants are being intercepted. These leeches become more enterprising in their operations every day. They build tunnels under the border and they have even built a catapult to shoot drugs over the border (I don’t know if it was ever used). When will the OWH take his duty seriously to protect this country? What are his reasons for allowing us to be invaded in this fashion? Will he ever decide to execute his responsibility?

Of course I am only a US citizen and not worth the attention of the OWH but I will keep pressing him to do the job he was hired to do.

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One thought on “Violence in Mexico

  1. Dan,
    I have to think you are being totally rhetorical in your questions above. These would be legitimate questions if we had a simply weak President who cared about our country but just didn’t have the intelligence or the character to stand up for our country. But we don’t have that kind of President. We have an incredibly intelligent President with an agenda to bring our country to it’s knees or worse. The OWH sees everything through the prism of a one world communistic government where there is no such thing as property rights or even national borders. This president views the actions of drug cartels as simply a part of the inevitable riff raff that a society has to live with. He thinks the way to deal with such is to look the other way, while not allowing anyone else to deal with it.
    Do not expect the OWH to do anything overtly to stop any of the miriad attacks on our country. He will instead be conducting covert operations that ultimately aid and abett the attackers. Denny McNeill

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