The Occupier of the White House (OWH)


I think it is time to look at the character of the person who occupies the White House (the OWH). I am not going to compare him to any other specific individual, but rather to that “ideal” individual who, I think, should be occupying that seat.

It is odd that since the OWH first came on the scene he is only confident speaking to people with the aid of a teleprompter. This has become a subject of jokes and mirth over the past three years. Even Vice President Biden got into the act at the Air Force Academy graduation when his teleprompter blew over in the wind and he quipped “How am I going to tell the president that I have broken his teleprompter?” Who could forget The One speaking to elementary school children with the aid of the ever-present all-telling eye?

Within the first couple of months of taking the mantel of the free world the OWH was on the road bowing to foreign potentates and apologizing to the world for everything from Americas’ arrogance to our successes. Why would the person in that vaulted position offer any kind of apology for what we have accomplished in our short 234 year history? Why would he apologize for being the beacon of freedom and justice around the world? On numerous occasions our valiant allies have struggled to shake off tyrants’ shackles and are only able to get the job done with the aid of American forces. I don’t know how many millions of now-free people have tasted the freedom of not being under the Communist thumb because of the combined efforts of President Reagan and Prime Minister Thatcher. Why should any US president apologize for these things? In the same light, arrogance does not become us but apology, NO!

When he took office, the OWH promised to have the most open and transparent administration in history. The only thing open about this administration is his penchant to remove our rights and freedoms. He makes no bones about this goal. When you look at the inner workings of this administration you see only closed doors and back-room deals. Just one example is the bailout of the financial industry. What a sweetheart deal Goldman Sachs got thanks to the OWH’s treasury secretary, Tim Geithner. Secretary Geithner and former Goldman Sachs CEO, Henry Paulson (also a former treasury secretary), teamed up to ensure AIG was bailed out but let Lehman Brothers die. This is where I have to question the legitimacy of a government official becoming involved in who lives and dies in the commercial world. But back to the issue at hand; when AIG was bailed out, they were allowed to use our taxpayers’ money to repay derivatives at face value rather than at actual market value. This garnered billions for banks that would not have otherwise been received, one of which was Goldman Sachs. But let’s not forget the $35,000 in self-employment taxes that Secretary Geithner “forgot” to pay until he was nominated for treasury secretary. Does this smack of honesty and openness in the OWH’s administration? (Cue rhetorical question)

This morning the conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch announced that the OWH has once again made the list of the “Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians.” They list such shenanigans as lying about knowing of former Illinois Governor Blagojevich’s plan to sell the OWH’s senate seat and his broken pledge to televise healthcare negotiations. They also talk about the bribes paid to Senators Nelson of Nebraska and Landrieu of Louisiana just to get the unconstitutional health care bill passed.

Now, I’m a big boy and have been around the barn a couple of times. I understand that there are always negotiations and “deals” made in politics. This is just the nature of the game. So, what do I think the “ideal” president would look like? This ideal person would have a set of ethics and personal standards that he would live by. One of the first would be to keep his word. If there is an overriding reason to break it, there would be a very logical and very public explanation as to why he had to break it. Another attribute would be to gather around himself people of like exemplary character. Tax cheats should not be running the Treasury. The president should be an unabashed patriot. He should be proud of our country and have an unwavering optimism in our future. He should have an unwavering optimism in the ability of every American to strive for their best. Not every American can be a great leader, or a great orator, or a philanthropist. But every American can work to achieve their goals and should be given the freedom to do so. This ideal president would work with all Americans to help them achieve; not force programs on us because he thinks he knows what is best for us. This ideal president would be a leader, not a dictator; someone who enables innovation, not someone who thwarts the efforts of entrepreneurs.

Over the years I have been both proud and disappointed in our presidents but this is the first time in my life that I am ashamed of the person occupying the position of leader of the free world.

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