The Four Scandals

This is another in the on-going series of Global Warming articles written by Andy Pico.

The Four Scandals
The Massive Scientific Fraud known as Anthropogenic Global Warming or Climate Change is collapsing with unprecedented speed like a house of rotten cards built on quicksand. The revelations of scientific misconduct now coming from some of the core scientists have reached a daily flood with example upon example of fabricated data, pre-conceived results, perversion of the peer review process, manipulation of station data to fabricate or exaggerate warming trends, reliance on environmentalist advocacy fiction substituting for peer-reviewed research, and so on.

This is a scandal of monumental proportions. Many of the claims of the Climate Change Alarmists have become little more than comedy punch lines.
In reality, there are four scandals, each built upon the others and closely linked. These linked scandals did not start out as such. The building fraud was more of a case of various individuals and groups jumping onto a convenient bandwagon headed in a direction the perpetrators each wanted to go for their own reasons.

The first scandal is the obvious one, the fraud of AGW science built upon a theory the original author himself disavowed almost a century ago. Once started, scientists jumped on board in pursuit of research grants and many other reasons. Most of them fell for their own fraudulent science and ignored the violations of basic scientific processes and ethics. With the recent admissions by some of the scientists at the core of this fraud that no statistically significant warming has occurred in a decade and a half, that the debate is not closed and there is no real scientific consensus (as if such a thing were even credible, valid or legitimate) the collapse of the Scientific Fraud of AGW stands exposed.

The second scandal is the political scandal of those who jumped on the AGW bandwagon to push a political agenda and to simply pull in votes. The political agenda is one of control and the seizure of energy markets through governmental over-regulation. The marriage of environmentalist extremist groups and opportunist politicians resulted in an agenda leading to a world-wide movement that would have derailed freedom, individual liberties, economic prosperity and life itself for many. Other agendas included population control measures, unelected international government controls, and the stifling of economic freedom resulting in poverty and starvation for hundreds of millions.

The third scandal is the financial one. The artificial carbon market including such risky schemes as carbon credits, carbon off-sets and carbon trading under various names is built on the first two scandals. The financial bubble of carbon trading is quite literally built on nothing more than hot air and adheres to no standards consistent with securities trading or financial regulations. Carbon trading has been a fraud from the start and those who have pushed this scheme have been nothing more than carbon profiteers. As the Scientific Scandal crashes, the entire basis for the Carbon Swindle evaporates. This is a world-wide financial bubble about to burst and add to the stress of financial markets worldwide. The holders of carbon credits should take a close look at just what it was they bought.

The fourth scandal is the media cover-up and whitewash. Here in the U.S., the media have largely been complicit in pushing the Scientific Fraud, have aligned with the Political Agenda and ignored the Financial Swindle. Now that the Scientific Fraud is collapsing, the media here in this country for the most part continues to ignore it, cover it up, or white-wash the investigations. The media overseas, in contrast, are covering the daily meltdowns much more thoroughly. The failure of the national “Mainstream Media” will further fuel the declining readership and ratings of what the broad population has come to recognize as the Propaganda Press. The victims of media outlets such as NPR and PBS can be excused in their ignorance, but to remain so in the face overwhelming evidence of fraud and corruption can only be classified as willful ignorance.

The monumental combination of fraud and deceit crossing science, politics, financial and the media will go down in history as the greatest attempted fraud and swindle of all time. As the financial bubble of carbon swindling bursts, the hearings on securities fraud must soon follow.

Andres Pico, of Colorado Springs, is a retired Navy Commander, Naval Flight Officer and project manager in the defense industry. He is a signatory of the Manhattan Declaration.

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