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A group which I follow on LinkedIn put out an interesting question to the group a few weeks ago. The question was “If you were running for president, what would your 10 point platform be?” I have thought about this a lot over the past few years so it was fairly difficult to keep it down to 10 points. Of course, if you are running for anything, trying to concentrate on any number of points over four makes you look like you cannot settle on what is important. But since I’m not running for anything, I can put out my thoughts to my heart’s content. Besides, running for public office is a rich man’s game and I certainly do not fall into that category.

These are the points with which I responded. Those of you who have read my postings in the past will find that on most of them I am covering familiar ground.

1)   Eliminate all cabinet level departments except those enumerated in the Constitution; those being War (now Defense), Treasury, State, and Commerce. There could be a case for Interior. All others would go. I would appoint Cabinet Secretaries to the soon-to-be-disbanded agencies for the purpose of closing them down. It is hard to decide which should be shut down first.

2)   Eliminate all funding for foreign countries just to get their “support.” The only foreign aid I would agree to would be for no-kidding disaster relief on a loan basis. Along with this, I would stop funding insurgents of any flavor. Our experience in recent years is that they take our money and supplies and when the time is right they turn their weapons on us, getting us more deeply embroiled in whatever despotic conflict happens to be broiling at the time.

3)   Pull out of the UN and tell them to go home. Along with this I would demand all of their diplomats pay their parking and traffic tickets. We have been supporting the failed missions of the UN for 60 years and all we get for our money and effort is grief.

4)   I would tell Congress that there would be only ONE issue per bill submitted for presidential signature. Bills with riders and add-on measures would be automatically vetoed.

5)   I would tell Congress that any bill that is submitted for presidential signature that does not have a CLEAR constitutional linkage would be vetoed. This is supposed to be the case now but it isn’t working. Congresses and successive administrations have bent and twisted the Constitution into unrecognizable linkages, especially the commerce clause.

6)   I would send a message to Congress that in the first 100 days of my administration I would only sign bills cancelling spending programs, starting with unearned handouts to illegal aliens. Along with this I would strongly urge Congress to pass legislation that would carry heavy penalties against states that subvert the security of the United States. Examples of this would be sanctuary cities and giving benefits to illegals.

7)   I would direct the complete closure of the borders of the United States until such time as the Customs and Border Patrol could assure me that it could handle their area of responsibility (that would take a LOT of convincing). Our borders are there to keep the citizens of the US safe and secure. Farmers and ranchers along our southern border are not safe in their own homes. These folks should be given special dispensation to protect their families and property.

8)   I would disband the Department of Homeland Security and place those functions under the appropriate agencies. The list is too long for this venue but an example would be the military. DoD is tasked with keeping our country safe from invasion. I would advocate for a special branch of the military with arrest authority to patrol the borders. Having a civilian force such as is being built within the DHS subverts the role traditionally given to the military. This measure would NOT subvert Posse Comitatus. This act, passed in 1878 and updated in 1981, puts strict limits on the use of the US military to enforce laws. This is as it should be.

9)   I would inform all world governments that diplomacy with the United States would be much different from now on; the first government to be notified would be PRC. Cyber warfare is just that, war. It would be treated as such.

10)I would notify the government of Mexico that they would have three months to stop the flow of drugs and illegals into the US before we would consider it an invasion of our sovereign territory. I am sick and tired of Mexican officials blaming the US for their problems. With the rampant corruption within all levels of the Mexican government they have absolutely no justification to blame anyone, let alone the US.

These are just 10 of my hot buttons. Not covered is our debouched energy policy, the “pick-n-choose” attitude of which federal laws to enforce, and the “progressive” idea that you cannot execute a murderer but it is OK to butcher babies in and out of the womb. Those topics will have to wait for a future time.

As always, your comments and discussions are welcome.



11 thoughts on “Ten Point Platform

  1. Dan,

    A great start, don’t disagree with any of your points. Perhaps, for consideration, you might combine a couple of your foreign policy goals into one bullet, thereby allowing inclusion of another in your top ten, i.e. the reformation of the tax code.
    Personally, I favor the Flat Tax. There are a variety of flavors of taxation, but I would definitely eliminate the progressive brackets, giving everyone an equal “buy-in” or “pay-in” — points recently elegantly articulated by Dr Ben Carson.
    An example is Dr Carson’s discussion at the National Prayer Breakfast :
    or his presentation at the CPAC 2013:

    Vires et Honestas !

    • Sandy, good point on the editing. I fully agree with the Flat Tax but also like some portions of the Fair Tax program. At any rate, with my proposed entitlement cuts and drastic downsizing of the government there would be much less dollar requirement. Who knows, maybe we could pay off this unbelievable debt. While we are at it (thanks for the segue) it is time we transition our monetary system back to the gold standard and off the paper standard that the Fed has instituted. We can do that while shutting down the Fed.

  2. If you had the money to run, you would have my vote, might even contribute. My suggestion for first Cabinet office to shut down in number 1would be Education. Clearly a local issue! Perhaps the border could be shut down with retired military and a few of the tanks and APCs in storage? Until some of the active duty troops can be brought home and fences built.

    • Charlie, I agree with your assessment of the Department of Education. We need to be responsible for OUR kids’ education, not Uncle Sugar

  3. As usual, your common sense guides you. Perhaps if you do not run for President, you could start a new political party named just that – the Common Sense Party. I loved, and do support, your ten points. If you ever run for anything, you have my vote.

  4. Dan,
    I would add to your point 4 regarding bills: Limit the bill to no more than 8 pages in length, 12 point font and double spaced. No more bill so long that it can’t be read in less than 30 minutes.

  5. Heartily agree with all ten points. By the way, don’t criticize yourself too much. As I recall, a fellow named Woodrow Wilson had fourteen….
    With regard to point number 10, something must be done about those “citizens” who are willing to abdicate their responsibilities and turn over control of their conscious being to chemicals. Such behavior causes problems for all of us and there must be serious consequences for what can only be construed as anti-social behavior. Some of your correspondents must have some useful ideas about how to proceed.

    • Gary, I see that as one of the main problems with our country today. So many people are too lazy to take responsibility for their own lives and just want to live on the dole. This is one area that people have to change their way of life. Otherwise we will be just like Greece.

    • 120 years ago all drugs were legal for private use. If someone wants to smoke their brains out or shoot themselves up to oblivion it should be their business as long as they do not infringe on some other persons rights. It is not society’s job to insure everyone’s mental health. If they do not have the cojones to cope, to bad. I lived homeless for a while in the early 80s and I got my act together all by myself. If I can, so can others.

      • Tim, congratulations on pulling yourself out of your homeless situation. It is my belief that there should be some avenue for folks to go to if they are not able to cope but that avenue is not the government. For the first 150 years or so of our country’s existence, private charitable organizations, mostly run by religious organizations, stepped up to take on that role. I still believe that this should be the way it is done. Americans are renown around the world for our charity. I have to believe this elimination of the government from this role is possible.

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