Stimulus Pork

I just received an update on the “stimulus package.” I feel ill. Please go to Stimulus Watch and browse the site. You can click on your state and see what your city/state is slated for in thus “Porkulus” package. Just remember who has to pay for all of this pork; WE DO. Why is the federal government getting involved in local issues such as widening a street or a state highway? As I have said in past postings, I have found NO place in the constitution that authorizes the federal government to spend money on any of these types of projects.

This is just the spending side of the bill. It does not include the intrusion on your lives such as tracking all of your medical records on one national database. Part of this program is to weigh your age and the treatment you need to determine whether you will live long enough and be productive enough to warrant the treatment.

All of those Senators and Congressmen who voted for this legislation should, at the very least, be voted out of office and preferably forced to resign!

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3 thoughts on “Stimulus Pork

  1. I hope that you opposed the President Bush $700B bailout law as well as the President Obama $800B stimulus law.

    Pork-barrel squandering is a travesty when either any political party does it!

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