Religious Inequity


A couple of weeks ago, 14 Mormon members of Congress sent a letter to the Swiss ambassador protesting the Swiss government’s planned expulsion of Mormon missionaries from Switzerland. I am not a Mormon and do not have a dog in this particular fight. The fight I have a dog in involves religious freedom around the world; specifically in Islamic countries.

I have a cousin who, after his retirement from the Air Force, spent some time in Saudi Arabia working for a contractor. He and his wife are Christians and regularly attend services. He tells of having to sneak over to another Christian’s home to conduct secret services. The penalties for conducting non-Muslim services in Saudi Arabia are severe if you are not Saudi. If you are Saudi and are caught engaging in Christian activities, the penalties go beyond severe.

We here in the United States have a long tradition of religious freedom even though there is an active movement to restrict those freedoms. My concern is that 14 Mormon members of Congress are concerned about missionaries in Switzerland but what have they done in support of Christians in Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries? Just two months ago several dozen Christian worshipers were murdered in a church in Baghdad by Muslim “extremists.” This is in a country where hundreds of our military have been killed in the fight to rid them of an oppressive and murderous regime. After these worshipers were murdered numerous bombings occurred outside Christian homes in the Baghdad area.

In another Christmas bombing, 11 were wounded on the island of Jolo, Philippines. A bomb was hidden in a ventilation window of a Christian church. Jolo is a stronghold for the Abu Sayyaf group, an al Qaida affiliate.

Where is the outrage from our elected officials? Is their outrage reserved for a few missionaries to a friendly ally? These missionaries are not being murdered or persecuted. The concern about them being in Switzerland has to do with the presence of foreign workers. What about the foreign workers coming to the United States to train terrorists to take down our way of life?

Where is the outrage over Muslim “extremist” terror training camps operating freely here in the United States, the country they are planning to bring down? Where is the outrage from these and other members of Congress? Why are we still welcoming Muslims to build their shrine just blocks from the World Trade Center bombing where Muslim “extremists” killed nearly 3000 Americans, Indonesians, British, French, German, Swiss, and numerous other nationalities?

People are very concerned about who and what is coming across in the flood from Mexico and they should be. But in the name of religious freedom we are allowing some really bad people to live and actively train to bring down our way of life here inside our country. We are allowing these same bad people to erect their monuments for the purpose of thumbing their noses at us.

Whether the OWH, Congress, or the Judiciary want to accept it or not, the United States was established as a Christian nation, based on Christian principles, and a strong foundation of freedom of religion. When are our elected officials and the Judiciary going to demand a level playing field? Of course that is a rhetorical question. We all know the answer. It is past time we stop kowtowing to the Muslim “extremist” and lay down the law to them. I would propose that we tell the Saudis and other Muslim countries that their treatment of Christians is not welcome. Also not welcome is their funding of terror training camps in the US. It is long past time to hold them accountable.

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    Do you mind if I forward this link to one of my 366th TFW buddies? I think his involvement would benefit all three of us.


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