Rand Paul, Conservative or Opportunistic?


I have never been fortunate enough to be able to attend the Conservative Political Action Conference or CPAC but I have always enjoyed hearing about who said what and who was the winner of the Straw Poll. You know, the guy or gal the conservative insiders think was the most dynamic speaker with the most dynamic message (or that is the theory). This year Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky won the honors. Given his performance over the past couple of months he probably deserved it.

Just so you can get the proper lay of the land, I have a friend named Woody with whom I vie for the honor of who is farther to the right of Attila-the-Hun. Now, with that prerequisite established, I have to say that Rand Paul is a bit refreshing but seems to be somewhat confused as to his priorities. He is being hailed as a hero for conducting a 13 hour filibuster against the nomination of John Brennan for the post of Director of Central Intelligence. The purpose of the filibuster was to force Attorney General Holder to unequivocally declare that UAVs would not be used to bomb US citizens on American soil.

This is a truly laudable goal but I would question Senator Paul’s dedication to the protection of Americans and America in general. Two points in case took front page news just within the previous two months. Where was Senator Paul when the traitor John Kerry was considered and confirmed as Obama’s Secretary of State. Senator Paul was excruciatingly silent on the Senate floor during debate. I fear that the good senator was too young, having been born in 1963, to realize that John Kerry collaborated with the enemy during a time of war. Additionally, he apparently does not appreciate the insult to military veterans that Kerry falsified his war record as well as the awards he received. The only reason Kerry was even able to run for office was because of a general pardon issued by President Carter. How will our allies and our potential adversaries view negotiating with a Secretary of State who has worked diligently against the best interests of the country he is supposed to represent?

The other case in point took place only a couple of weeks after the Kerry debates and that was the nomination and confirmation of Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense. Secretary Hagel has a long history of criticism of the military. He is currently working to destroy the moral fabric of the military. The directive to allow homosexual members to openly serve is antithetical to the military way of life. Secretary Hagel has routinely criticized our only true ally in the Middle East, Israel. Where was Senator Paul during the floor debates for Secretary Hagel?

While Senator Paul has made a splash in recent months, his credentials as a Conservative seem a bit tarnished. It has always been my belief that one should stand up for their beliefs and be consistent in their advocacy. However, even with his spotty conservative advocacy, it seems that he has wowed the attendees at CPAC. What does that say about them? Are they of the same ilk as Senator Paul, or was he just the best they could find?

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  1. Totally agree on this one. Do not get to your blog very often, because time is short. Your thoughts keep me reading. Perhaps luck I never held political office, might have not lived to be this old.

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