Health Care Bribery


I have written on several occasions about things Congress does that are not, in my opinion, justifiable under the Constitution. The health care package that the OWH is desperate to sign is just the latest. The Socialists in Congress are pushing this piece of FOD harder than I have ever seen in my lifetime. The House version wasn’t even allowed to see the light of day until massive pressure from you, the citizens of this country, raised a howl. It seems that their urgency comes from the fear and reality, that if the citizens of this country are given enough time to look it over we will go on an impeachment spree. (Hmmm, now that’s not a bad idea; but I digress.)

I think that at this point in the discussion it is appropriate to take a look at how the Socialists are getting the job done. In the movie The Godfather, Don Corleone made an offer that couldn’t be refused. Well, it looks like Don Harry took a page out of the godfather’s playbook. He made an offer to Senator Mary Landrieu of Louisiana that she couldn’t refuse. In this case it was a bribe of $300 million to support cloture.

Now, folks, I don’t know about you, but where I come from bribery is a crime. In this case, it is a crime of the highest order. Don Harry has promised $300 million of our money for Senator Landrieu to take back to Louisiana. This will enable her to tell her constituents that she is working for them, and in a way she will be right. She is cutting backroom deals to steal a large sum of money from the rest of us. Please do not misunderstand me. I am not saying that I want some of that money for our state. That is not the issue. The issue is that she was bought, just like practitioners of the world’s oldest profession.

But Senator Landrieu was not the only one to get in on this deal. Senator Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas was another key vote that Don Harry courted. The deal that Senator Lincoln got has not been disclosed but it was surely a good one.

I’m going to make a few demands here. There are several attorneys and several law makers who receive my postings. I want one or more of them to tell me how this kind of crime can go by without drawing the scrutiny of the FBI. Bribery is a crime in every jurisdiction in which I have lived. I want the FBI to explain to me why they are not opening a case file on this situation. I want my senators, Mark Udall and Michael Bennet to tell me why they are not screaming from the top of the Capitol Dome for an investigation. (Of course, I already know the answer to the last one.) Senator Bennet has even said that he will vote for the bill even if it costs him his job. Well, Senator Bennet, I intend to make sure that is exactly what it costs you!

The most important question I want answered is one I have posed numerous times before. Where is the constitutional justification for the health care program that Congress and the OWH want to shove down our throats? Where is the constitutional justification for forcing the citizens of the United States to buy ANYTHING; whether it is health care or stocking caps? The federal government has NO authority to make us buy anything.

This country has become one of hand-outs; welfare recipients, unions, and special interests to name a few. We all need to go back to the lesson that John Smith learned in Jamestown, Virginia. When the colony was first established, all goods produced went into a common store and everyone would draw equally from that store. The lazy drew the same as the industrious. They almost starved. When you take the work incentive away, there is no reason to work to support those who would not work anyway. That is the way the United States is becoming, facilitated by the federal government. Captain Smith set down the rule that if you did not work, you did not eat. It is time we re-institute that rule.

It is high time we elect representatives and senators to Congress who have the good of the nation in their sights and not just their own power base. It is time we put in representatives and senators who will get up on their desks and do an Indian war chant when these abused take place. This slippery slope we have been riding for the last two years will be hard and painful to reverse but we have no choice. We have to stop it and we have to take our country back from the power brokers in Washington DC.

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