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Last week, in response to my “Open Letter” a wise and learned reader of these pages (but, as Mark Twain said, then I repeat myself) observed “Laws (and other government actions) that are quickly passed in the heat of the moment, when emotions run high are rarely just or smart or effectively accomplish the stated goal and often have many unintended and detrimental consequences. “ He goes on to point out that extreme emotions are a prime cause of mob action. There are a number of examples of this in our country; the Watts Riots, the Los Angeles riots around the Rodney King affair, and numerous others.

The rush to remove guns from law abiding Americans leaves one agape in amazement. Let’s take a quick look at one of the most gun unfriendly cities in the US, Chicago, Illinois. Just looking at one day, 28 Jan 2013, the headlines noted that Saturday, 26 Jan 2013 was the deadliest since November, 2011. By that day in January, the city had had 41 homicides. That day, Chicago recorded seven homicides. The city recorded over 500 homicides during 2012. This is a city that makes it very difficult for a citizen to own, much less carry a gun. If I was going to go into the Bad Guy trade, I would make a bee line to Chicago. I’m sure the Bad Guys of Chicago enjoy a stress-free environment. Three weeks ago here in Colorado Springs a would-be home invader tried to ply his trade on a home in an upscale part of north east section of the city. He was met at the door by the homeowner who had a gun in his hand. The miscreant wisely took off like he had a coyote on his tail. That would not have been the situation in Chicago.

And now the Obama/Biden administration wants to turn the entire United States into one large clone of Chicago. Biden has been called the “Curley” (as in the Three Stooges) of the administration. I look upon him as the willing dupe of the Obama machine. Make no mistake, Obama is not stupid, lazy, but not stupid. He and his handlers have been planning the eventual disarming of America for years. He realizes that there are some things he has to accomplish via Congress, at least until he and his handlers figure out how to circumvent the law. Rest assured they will not try to do everything at once. They will do their conversion to the United States of Europe slowly, taking measured steps.

The first step will be to require what the gun-grabbers are calling universal background checks. This means the even sales of firearms between private parties will require a background check. The mainstream media (MSM) is claiming that 80% – 90% of Americans are in favor of universal background checks. If this is the case, I wonder if the average American knows what that means. If you leave your gun collection to your son or daughter they will have to undergo a background check before they could take possession of them. Does that mean the authorities will come to the house of the deceased and do a search as soon as the death is known just to see if there are any guns? Are they going to confiscate them until the background checks are accomplished? Will they keep them until the will is probated? Are they going to decide which guns the heirs will be able to keep?

This is a very good and efficient way to start a gun ownership database. Remember who did that back in the 1930s? Hitler forced registration of all firearms owned by Jews. Well, we all know what happened to them. They had no way to defend themselves and six million of them died in the camps. Other “Benevolent Rulers” like Stalin and Mao did the same. I wonder how many civilians own guns in North Korea.

It is past time that we stand up to the gun-grabbers and tell them “Enough.” Our Second Amendment Rights are not guaranteed so we can enjoy punching holes in paper or hunting for sport or food. Our Founding Fathers included the Second Amendment so that we will be able to protect ourselves against an oppressive government. I urge all of my readers to contact their state shooting association and join. If you live in Colorado you can go to and join. Additionally, I strongly urge you to go to and join. The NRA is the strongest national voice for our Second Amendment rights. It is only through a unified effort will we be able to defeat this plan by the Obama/Biden administration and friends.

My learned reader ends his comments with “A large number of our elected officials are acting like panicked children or cynical despots.  We are heirs of the American Revolution, not the French revolution.  We deserve better.”

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  1. Having legally been a resident in the Chicago area all my life, i have noted same results. Sadly, it appears that CO. is now trying to copy the Kingdom of Chicago. I am sorry to hear that. In my 36 years teaching, I gave out thousands of pocket copies of the constitution and Declration of Independence. Har seven members of mky family at Concord Bridge on April 19, 1775.

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