Educating Illegals

There is a bill before the Colorado Senate, currently in the Education Committee, that will extend instate tuition to anyone who has graduated from or attended at least three years in a Colorado high school, irrespective of immigration status. This bill, Senate Bill 09-170, Nondiscrimination in Higher Education, spells out in the first paragraph that a person’s immigration status is immaterial to extending these benefits.

Once again I must be missing something here. This is the United States of America, a nation of laws. Among the body of laws are those detailing requirements for entry into this country. That should be the end of the conversation.

Now there is a group of legislators who want to sweep aside any concern for the laws of our country for the express purpose of extending rights reserved to legal residents and citizens to those who have already proven that they do not respect our laws. When these illegal students and their parents came into this country illegally they declared their disdain for our country and its laws.

Why would these legislators go through this effort to extend these benefits? This could be an interesting question to pose to Senator Romer, the bill’s sponsor. Let me lay out a simple scenario. With the liberal Congress and President, amnesty with a path to citizenship is a definite possibility. If you were one of these students who received this benefit, who are you going to thank when you are able to go to the polls? Of course you will thank these same liberals who enabled you to be forgiven of your crimes. What an ingenious way to keep your power over the long-term.

I am going to take a seemingly right turn. Let’s take a look at a couple of groups of bad guys. Of course there is our ever favorite, Al Qaida. What is their favorite tactic when dealing with non-believers? The perfect example is 9-11. Al Qaida took years to plan and prepare for the attack, and they were completely successful except for one plane-load of loyal Americans who fought back. There is some question as to Al Qaida involvement in the Mumbai massacre but they have studied it and there are indications that they are planning the same kind of attack on the US.

Another group we need to be concerned about is Mara Salvatrucha, also known as MS 13. This is a street gang that started in Los Angeles among illegal El Salvadorians and has spread to and throughout Central America. It is currently in the major metropolitan areas in the United States. They have evolved from a street gang into, what I call, “bad guys for hire.” Their primary customers are the Mexican drug cartels and they use intimidation and brutal assassination as their modus operandi. However, like any good entrepreneur they will work for whoever has the money and the requisite brutality requirement.

Why have I taken this turn? Imagine the opportunity afforded to the illegal with this education bill. Illegals are not just poor Mexicans looking to benefit from our bounty. Illegals come in all races, religions, occupations, and motivations. Looking back at the time it took for Al Qaida to plan and execute 9-11, an education benefit such as SB 09-170 would fit nicely into their planning phase. Likewise, MS 13 goes back and forth across the US border with near impunity. Having gang members permanently stationed in Colorado will provide a suitable base of operations for their criminal enterprises.

The liberals in the Colorado State Legislature, along with Governor Ritter, are enabling our enemies and making it easier for them to increase their already considerable inroads into our society. This trend of giving illegals a pass must stop.

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