Data Doesn’t Back Obama on Warming

The article below was originally published in the Colorado Springs Gazette. The guest columnist is Andres Pico whose work you have seen numerous times on these pages.

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Data Doesn’t Back Obama on Warming


Our new president starts his historic administration with a stated climate change policy to obstruct domestic energy production of coal and oil and an assembled team of socialist and anti-energy zealots to implement this policy. Despite growing evidence the climate change hysteria is based on manipulated science without a solid basis or consensus, despite a constant propaganda campaign that claims both, the stated policies of the new administration and its team is dedicated to fighting climate change.

Fighting climate change is a chimera designed to hide a false political agenda intended to implement centralized economic planning in the socialist/collectivist model. The actual science and documented annual reporting of climate results for the year just concluded do not, however, support the premise which calls into question the wisdom and rationality of such a drastic remaking of our economy. To embark on such a course with severe economic costs and penalties during a time of economic stress would be particularly ill advised.

And yet, President Barack Obama says, “Few challenges facing America – and the world – are more urgent than combating climate change. The science is beyond dispute and the facts are clear.” In fact, the global and regional temperatures have declined sharply since the spring of 2007. This past year was the coldest since 2000 with eight of the past 10 years warmer and less than a half of a degree above the long term average according to NASA Goddard Institute for Space Science (GISS) ( which reports the warmest temperatures of all of the reporting agencies based largely on station data. The GISS reported sea surface temperatures show no warming trend over the decade and a clear downward trend ( Satellite measurements from RSS and UAH of the lower troposphere, which according to the green house gas theory of global warming should be warmer, are even lower at less than 2 tenths of a degree above the long term average and the lowest of this century. (
The president continues; “Sea levels are rising.” In fact, sea levels stopped rising several years ago and have leveled off. (
The president digs deeper; “We’ve seen record drought, spreading famine, and storms that are growing stronger with each passing hurricane season.” Hurricanes are in fact dropping in numbers and the intensity is no higher than the long term norms according to the NOAA hurricane experts. Famines are spreading less because of any climate change but more because of the large subsidized push for bio-fuels as a substitute for domestic drilling of oil which has caused the brutal starvation of tens of millions of the poor and disadvantaged across the world, this policy having been advocated by the party that alleges to stand for the little guy.

The supposedly shrinking ice caps are not. The fevered cries about an ice-free Arctic in 2008 fell short since the ice extant at the ice minimum was substantially above that of 2007. Actual ice coverage in the Arctic is only slightly below normal overall, but in the 14 regions measured (, only five are actually below normal with the other nine at or above normal levels. While oil exploration in the Arctic Chukchi Sea is being blocked by environmentalists to save ice habitat for the polar bear, that region and the Bering Sea are well above the ice levels over the period of satellite measurements.

The Antarctic is above normal levels and has shown a long term trend of above average ice coverage.

Climate change hysteria is hijacked science being used to promote a false political agenda of greater government control over industry and central economic planning. This model of government intervention has failed everywhere it’s been tried.
Our new president proclaims that we need “a new declaration of independence,” evidently a new independence from facts, real science, truth, economic prosperity and freedom.

Dr. James Hansen, who directs the NASA GISS and has personally accepted close to $1 million in outside “contributions” to corrupt official government climate data in support of this scientific fraud, recently declared that Obama has only four years to solve the climate crisis.

But that deadline is actually because the evidence of continued declines in global temperatures in line with the predictions by those of us who point out the solar connection to terrestrial climate, will become so obvious that no one, not even an incompetent and complicit press, will be able to continue the scam, and the swindlers will be explaining what the funds spent for carbon credits actually bought.

Pico, of Colorado Springs, is a retired Navy commander, naval flight officer and economist.

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