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I was going to take a couple of days off to celebrate the birth of our Lord with my family but a news item crossed my desk yesterday and then again this morning that just got me spooled up. An airline pilot in California made several YouTube videos criticizing the security measures at our country’s airports. The headline reads “Agents Search Home of Pilot Critical of TSA.” An expanded version of the story is linked here.

Because of his criticism his government issued handgun was confiscated, his California issued concealed carry permit was confiscated and US federal air marshals are searching his home. This brings to mind the young man who started the catch phrase “Don’t touch my junk.” That young man faces a $3000 fine and there is no telling what punishment this unnamed pilot faces because he has a conscience and is not bashful about expressing it.

The case of the pilot goes beyond a case of whistle blowing. It points up a government that cannot stand criticism. The Department of Homeland Security under the OWH is taking on dictatorial authority while making our country less safe. Consider the excessive screenings at airports but vast areas of our own territory are unsafe for Americans to travel.

On 27 March of this year Robert Krentz, an Arizona rancher was gunned down on his own land tending his ranch. The murderers crossed back over into Mexico. This happened directly because the OWH and his Secretary of Homeland Defense let it happen. They failed in the primary responsibility of the federal government, to protect the citizens of the United States.

Well, if Americans can get in trouble for criticizing our government, they are welcome to come and talk to me. I am highly critical of the massive power grab of Secretary Napolitano and her private army called the Department of Homeland Defense. Just the name of the department is an oxymoron. But who are they protecting us from? The jihadists can utter a few words and the OWH and Secretary Napolitano spend billions at airports while leaving our borders leaking like a sieve. Their total incompetence is placing us all in danger. How long will it be before the border violence migrates to our homes? The OWH wants to treat it as a criminal matter. I want to treat it as a matter of national security. When our country is invaded from the outside the OWH has the constitutional responsibility to respond in kind. Am I critical? YOU BET I AM.

I would call upon the OWH personally to address this issue but I am not from Chicago so he is unlikely to listen to me.

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2 thoughts on “Criticizing the Government

  1. This is typical of our Federal Government. The Feds are a reactive group as opposed to a proactive group. They will wait until some huge and damaging event occurs before they react. Someone or several someones will have to die before these irresponsible public servants respond and then and only then they will spend billions of OUR dollars to try to remedy the problem. More than likely they will fail miserably at the remedy and we will need to spend billions more.
    A very simple cure to this uncontrolled invasion is an armed volunteer security force trained by the US Army to patrol our borders, both north and south. I believe the recruiting of capable and concerned citizens would be as big a problem only due to an overwhelming response by volunteers. We all know there is a major supply of surplus military equipment to be tapped in to for these volunteers.
    Of course the OWH and thier flunky followers will never allow this to happen because it might show the world we aren’t the fat and lazy slobs we are portrayed to be in the international world.

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