Arab Falling Dominos – 2


Boy! Where do I start? The news in the past few weeks has been going crazy with uprisings and revolution around the globe. Let’s review some of the big ones.

  • It all started with Tunisia. In January, the president of that country was ousted by a popular uprising. It is now being reported that he had a stroke two days ago and is in a hospital in Saudi Arabia in a coma.
  • Next on the Hit Parade is Egypt. Just 10 days ago, Hosni Mubarak, the 30 year president, was ousted by a popular uprising. The military now controls the country. The citizens of Egypt normally think very highly of their military but now there seems to be a change in attitude. The ruling military council has promised to hold a referendum on democratic elections within two months. The populous is dubious.
  • In Morocco, pro-reform protests have been scheduled via Facebook. The government has announced that it will be injecting over $1.5b in subsidies for basic goods in an effort to stave off a repeat of the actions of Tunisia and Egypt.
  • In Algeria, “student protests” have taken place and the government, in an effort to quell them, has promised to lift the 19 year old state of emergency.
  • Yemen has been boiling for a couple of weeks. Demonstrators have taken to the street in Aden and Al-Mansura demanding the resignation of the president. Police have used deadly force to break up the protests.
  • In one of the US’ most trusted allies in the Persian Gulf region, Bahrain, police have killed at least four demonstrators as of 17 Feb. I understand that most of the police are Pakistani and they do what the signer of the paycheck says. The royal family does not seem to be listening to its citizens. This seems to be a Shiite vs. Sunni clash. The Shia are claiming that they are second class citizens in the country. This unrest puts the docking agreement for the US 5th Fleet in question.
  • Most recently, Libya closely resembles Egypt of a couple of weeks ago. There is some question as to the whereabouts of Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi. Yesterday, the government made a statement that he had NOT fled the country. This is normally an indication that the subject has left in a hasty fashion.  His son Seif al-Islam tried to place himself in a leadership role but has been rebuffed by the crowds. Libya will fall soon if not already.

These are just a few of the uprisings that have/are taking place across the Arab world. While the MSM is not reporting such, it is my belief that the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) has a strong hand in these events. As I discussed in my Discourse “Arab Falling Dominos,” the coalescing of Arab nations under the loose federation enabled by the MB can have disastrous consequences for our border enforcement. This is a segment of earth’s humanity that wants to destroy our way of life. If the Arabs develop a unified plan of action against “The Great Satan,” we could see increased terrorist infiltration across our southern border.

Just yesterday, 20 Feb, a Muslim cleric, Anjem Choudary, announced that he is calling for a protest outside of the White House in March in an effort to rally American Muslims to establish Sharia law in the United States. Conventional American wisdom would say that this protest will be sparsely attended and be shouted down by counter protests. However, we are seeing in the Arab world that the organization with which events have been orchestrated over the past two months has been extraordinary. There could be a lot more Muslim marchers than conventional American wisdom would expect.

There is a large and growing Muslim population in the US and they want to be counted. They may now think the time is right to push for acceptance of pockets of Sharia as they have in the UK. Also, don’t forget the over 30 Muslim terrorist training camps currently operating in the US. These camps are populated with a large number of recruits from Americas’ prisons. In short, these are bad people who feel no loyalty to the United States.

What is our government going to do about it? The short answer is, probably nothing. What would I do? The OWH is determined to hire thousands of new IRS agents to get into the lives of honest hard working Americans. OK, I would agree to hiring thousands of new government personnel, but not to spy on Americans, but to secure our borders. What is happening on our southern border is an invasion. It must be repulsed! Not just because of the illegal Mexican and other Latin Americans coming across to soak our national treasure, but because of the terrorists that are and potentially will come to do us harm.

I have asked the OWH before, “When are you going to execute your primary job? When are you going to undertake to protect the United States?” Of course, we know the answer to that question.

But who am I to criticize the OWH? I am just a patriotic American citizen who loves this country. Unfortunately, the OWH shares neither of those attributes.

As always, I welcome your comments and discussion.


2 thoughts on “Arab Falling Dominos – 2

  1. Just read your article and tend to agree with you. To take it a step further, Arab leaders are going to have to do something drastic to maintain their power.
    I don’t know, but here is something to think about. Are we on the verge of a world war? Arab countries decide to attack Israel to divert attention away from the unrest in their country and develop a sense of patriotism and jihad. We and several European countries defend Israel. Pakistan joins the Arabs to appease their fundamentalist base. India attacks Pakistan for a host of reasons……..and so it begins.

    Food for thought.

    • Thanks, Dan, for informing and tanikg principled stands and caring for our future.Yes, I’m concerned about the high levels of spending and the comparative low levels of investing in assets that will bring a future return.If our national goverment can’t avoid putting out large amounts of money, I would prefer to see the money placed in investments that could make a difference to our future productivity and prosperity.You may not agree with all of these particulars but investments could include:Alternative Energy Although I’d want to see the private sector create these businessesInformation Technology bring high speed internet and cell phone service to rural areas that don’t have it nowFunding higher education K-12 education is wasteful, and over-funded, the funding is often not controlled by special interests to propogandize youth to their agendas. On the other hand, higher education could use more funding, particularly funding to support science, engineering, and technologies to increase our economic development and make us more competitive with other nations.Conversion to metric system and other standards where America has fallen behind By hanging on to our unique standards of dimension, weight, volume, temperature, etc. the USA has unnecessarily isolated itself from the rest of the world. Two big oceans and two big borders already leave the USA to be highly isolated from other countries. We buy oil and electronics goods and much more from other countries, we do want them to buy more from us. They told school children 40-50 years ago that we would be on the metric system by now.I don’t like to see all of this spending of money that we don’t have. High inflation and high interest payments are real possibilities for the future. Our tax money each year will increasingly go to paying interest on the over-spending of previous years.If you borrow money and buy a car and fail to make payment, they will re-possess your car. If China and OPEC oil states lend our government money and they fail to make payment, our government will lose sovereignty.Just as companies have often merged, governments could also merge and we could be left with fewer governments, fewer countries, higher centralization, and less freedom.

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