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I was going to do a Discourse on gun control and how it guarantees the government’s ability to take away our freedoms, but a co-worker who asked to remain unnamed, and I got to talking and we decided that there is no one Republican or Conservative with the ability or wherewithal to guarantee our return to the ideals of the Founders. The conversation was a bit different than that, but it was close. During the conversation I planted my tongue in my cheek and said “I should run for president.” He said that he would be all for it; so, now with my tongue still planted firmly in my cheek, I will declare my candidacy.

OK, now that the joke is over, let’s discuss what I think should be the way to return our country to that envisioned by the Founders. This will not be an exhaustive list for it would take too much space and I don’t want to scare you off by the size of this Discourse.

Economy – this is an extremely complex subject and I am not an economist. However, even when I was taking my undergraduate Economics 101 I thought the instructor was nuts when he kept touting the wisdom of Keynesian Economics. I will never forget him saying that it does not matter how much money the government owes, it is all our money anyway and we are just borrowing from ourselves. It didn’t make any sense then and it just sounds fruity now, especially since we are not borrowing from ourselves any more. As with any loan, it comes due sometime.

I can’t run my home on a deficit and neither should any government at any level. At some point, the bills come due. When our country’s bills come due, we will be in big trouble and now with a new Republican majority in the House, we are holding out hope for some fiscal responsibility. Last week it was looking like the new Republican majority was only going to cut $32 billion from appropriations instead of the $100 billion on which a lot of those folks campaigned. As of today (11 Feb) it looks like they may hit that $100 billion mark. I think that this is a good start but when balanced against our current deficit it isn’t enough.

Here’s my plan to dump the budget deficit. First, make some very hard choices and only work off a balanced budget in the first year. This will not be easy because we currently have a $1.4 trillion budget deficit; at least that is the latest figure I heard. Some very drastic cuts can be made which will bring us into line with the Constitution and balancing the budget. Eliminating all federal level departments that are not enumerated or implied in the Constitution would be first on the Hit Parade. That would leave us with the Department of Defense, the Treasury Department, the Commerce Department, State, and there could be a case for keeping the Department of the Interior.

Next would be to drastically cut entitlements. This will sound extremely heartless but what happened to folks in need before the welfare system kicked in? There are many charitable organizations that do incredible work with the poor and the most vulnerable of our society. Americans are the most generous people in the world. Allow us to be generous instead of forcing us to be so.

All funding of programs relating to the support of non citizens should be eliminated. An enormous amount of money goes to such things as teachers that are dedicated to teaching non citizens our language when they should be teaching math, science, English, etc. Teachers who are required to teach in some language other than English are only encouraging immigrants to not learn our language and customs.

Giving free medical care to non-citizens, legal or illegal, is bankrupting California. It will do the same in other areas of the country. When a hospital has to absorb the costs associated with their requirement to take care of all, no matter what their status, is crippling.

Immigration – control immigration!! The Border Patrol is tasked with halting illegal immigration. Give them the resources, including manpower, to do the job. The first function of the federal government is to protect the United States. One cannot look at what is happening along our southern border and fail to call it an invasion. Since this is an ongoing invasion, where are the Army and the Marines? Illegals come across and rob and murder American citizens and Congress continues to “mull things over.” I don’t understand what there is to mull over. Illegal immigrants cost the federal, state, and local governments billions of dollars each year just providing services. At the same time, many of these illegal immigrants are aiding the drug cartels, either willingly, or unwillingly. This is a situation that should be aggressively prosecuted.

In 1878, Congress passed and President Hayes signed the Posse Comitatus Act which placed restrictions on our military acting in a law enforcement capacity. That is why our Navy deploys with Coast Guard personnel on board when they are on counter drug operations. But I would submit that what is happening on our southern border is not a law enforcement situation but rather a national defense situation. There are significant amounts of drugs and illegal persons coming across our borders and causing serious financial and law enforcement difficulties for the entire nation but mostly in our border states of California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. Americans living close to the border are often living in fear for their lives. Is that the way we should live in our own country? Is it right that we are fighting for the freedoms of nations half way around the world when our own citizens are afraid to leave their homes at night? One news crew went with the Border Patrol to an area in southern Arizona and saw a sniper’s nest on the US side of the border. This was not our sniper’s nest; it was being used by the cartels. Late last year there were reports of two incidents of rounds impacting inside El Paso after being fired from Juarez.  This sounds like a serious national security situation to me. Of one thing we can be sure; the Mexicans will not take care of their cartel problem and it is boiling over to our side of the border. It is high time that the United States government began providing protection to the citizens of this country.

I told you that this would not be a long list but rather just at start. There will be more in the weeks and months to come.

As always, I welcome your comments and discussion.


5 thoughts on “A Presidential Platform – 1

  1. I agree with you but I would add cutting all monies to the UN. We prop up an organization that for the most part do not like us only our money. Kick the UN out of our country and use the building to house the DC government officials, Apartments.
    Next cut Congress’ benifits. Make them pay for thier medical, dental and travel out of their own pockets. Force them into social Security for retirement. Place their jobs in the civil service program. They cannot receive any retirement from the civil service unless they have served 20 years in the civil service program.
    Pass a law that Congress cannot pass any law that exempts themselves. Put in place a law that they cannot leave Congress with more money then they came in with. Also they cannot be a lobbist for at least 10 years after they leave. Place term limits so they cannot serve more then 2 terms. No 2 terms in each house.
    Cut all foreign aid. It is time for the US to quit proping up all of these governments that take our money for their people but the government keeps most or all of that money. Stop paying to be the world’s police force.
    Just some thoughts of a Constitutional conservative.
    God bless the Republic

  2. Dan,

    Another outstanding article from my favorite blogger.

    I agree with all the cuts and the use of the military on the border.

    I would add that we must do something about Social Security for our children and grandchildren. Because our “great” elected congressional leaders of the past looked at Social Security revenue as just another source of income that just HAD to be spent we are now in some serious do-do. Scripture has the perfect solution (There’s a shocker). We, as wage earning children, need to take in our parents and help with their needs. This solution comes with benefits (although it may take a generation or two to realize it) – with more “eyes” and role models in the family the children of those families (especially Christian families) will have the gift of learning the work ethic of yore, right and wrong in a biblical manner, the skills and need to wisely use time and money and the need to love and support family. This will cut down on use of existing government social and financial programs which never have worked as advertized.

    However, knowing that this world is the devil’s playground and the majority of people are pagan the chances of real change will not happen. But believing people, like you, need to continue illuminate the rest of us to chip away at the sad state of our government.
    Thanks for being a voice in the wilderness.

  3. The whole subject is so big and complex that only very simplistic and drastic solutions seem to make any sense. I agree with you, Dan, and also Jack. But it is all so simplistic in nature that the modern mindset of Congress and the Executive Branch and probably the Judicial branch will reject it. I think something far more extreme and overriding needs to happen. I think the Tea Party, which is a non-entity,
    needs to create a new Declaration and a supplement to the Constitution that essentially demands a clean up of things as they currently are in Washington DC today. This will include all that you both mention above, plus a lot more. And, we, the people under the auspices of the Tea Party must unite and take these demands as seriously as our lives. It really has come down to a life or death situation for all who would be free. I am skirting the obvious here. But it is going to take drastic measures. The newly elected “right wingers” have already begun to crumble. It will be business as usual all too soon unless we (and I do think it will have to be done through the Tea Party Movement) take up our pitchforks and to the streets and force the issue. It is the culture of corruption in DC that has run amuck and now permeates everything in our Federal Government. It must be annihilated and replaced with greater protections of the Constitution. How do you eliminate the corruption of greed and power? Deny it from ever getting a foothold. How do you do that? By becoming very well informed with all that is in violation and demand as a populace that the violations be erradicated.
    I have used words like annihilated, and erradicated for a reason, guys.

  4. It is going to take a war in the streets before the dust settles. But who do we have that will finally stand and point the bony finger in Washington’s face? Everyone seems to want a revolution, but who will birth it? And where?

    Good ideas, all.

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