Our Responsibility to the Federal Government


A couple of days ago a friend sent a blog link to me from the Biblical Christianity blog. This article was written by a gentleman named Dan Phillips. He is making a number of points concerning our responsibility to the government as it relates to Biblical principles. Mr. Phillips’ point #4 is the one my friend wanted to address.

In Paul’s letter to the Romans, 13:1-7 he tells us that all authority comes from God and we should submit to those God has put before us in authority. This brings up the question of conservatives paying allegiance to the current administration led by the OWH.

Mr. Phillips makes an outstanding point; unlike the kings of old who were the government and therefore due their subjects’ allegiance as being ordained by God our government is supposed to follow the Constitution as set down by the founders. In our form of government, the executive, legislative and judicial branches are the caretakers of the Constitution. We have all seen good caretakers and bad caretakers. Unfortunately, we have been duped by a bad caretaker and his minions.

In the two long years of this administration the OWH has taken it upon himself to redefine laws from those required by the Constitution and legislative action to executive orders and mandates from his various departments. For instance in the last three or four weeks the Federal Communications Commission has decided that they have the authority to confiscate websites they suspect of violating copyright laws. What happened to prosecuting scofflaws instead of summarily taking over their websites? What about the site that is violated by someone not associated with the administration of the site who posts an article that may violate a copyright?

I also have to question the extreme use of “czars” who were appointed with no approval process. These czars have regulatory authority over various segments of our country but no basis in Constitutional law. Cabinet secretaries also exceed their constitutional authority. For instance Interior Secretary Salazar stopped all drilling in the Gulf of Mexico after the BP drill platform collapse. This action was taken irrespective of the success or safety of other operations in the Gulf. I find this interference in the commercial sector to be unconscionable.

One of the duties of the president is to represent the citizens and enterprises of the United States. The OWH did this by investing heavily, with our taxpayer dollars, in the oil industry of Brazil while banning drilling off the coast of the US. I view this as a complete abrogation of his responsibility.

These are only a few examples of the way the current administration has proven itself to be a bad caretaker of our Constitution. I believe it is required of all loyal citizens to work as diligently as possible to return our country to the original intent of the Constitution. I also believe that it should be our duty to regularly read the Declaration of Independence as well as the Constitution.

These are just my thoughts. As always, I welcome your comments and discussion.


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  1. Dan – So appreciate your comments – could have read another 40 pages – thank you for forcing people to face reality, and thank you for questioning.

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