Eric Holder and “Stand Your Ground”


If there was ever any question where Eric Holder stood on the issue of personal protection or personal rights, he removed that question a couple of days ago at the NAACP convention when he said “Separate and apart from the case [Zimmerman trial] that has drawn the nation’s attention, it’s time to question laws that senselessly expand the concept of self-defense and sow dangerous conflict in our neighborhoods.” Senselessly expand the concept of self-defense?? The concept of self-defense has been pretty well set since the beginning of civilization. To defend yourself you use the appropriate amount of force to stop the aggression. If you are being slapped with a popsicle stick, you use your hands or another popsicle stick. If you are having your head slammed repeatedly into the concrete and are in fear for your life you take the appropriate action to stop the threat, as George Zimmerman did.

I find Mr. Holder’s belief to be an interesting concept, especially when you couple it with the beliefs and statements from our “Beloved Leader, Barrack Obama.” During the Zimmerman trial, our “Beloved Leader” made his personal belief in Zimmerman’s guilt known in no uncertain terms. I especially find Mr. Holder’s statements puzzling given the venue of the speech, the NAACP convention. Is he saying that we all should run away when threatened or are in fear of our lives? I think it would be hard to convince all Americans, irrespective of color, to accept that course of action.

The idea that the Attorney General of the United States would think that citizens do not have the right to stand on their own feet and defend themselves is absolutely unconscionable. In fact, he makes no apologies for his belief that citizens do not have the right to own and carry firearms for any reason. He has made repeated statements that Americans should be “brain washed” that guns are bad and that people owning them should be shunned.

Looking at the culture in Chicago, Detroit, and Washington DC, Mr. Holder’s attitude doesn’t make any sense at all. These cities have some of the strictest gun laws in the country and the highest violent crime rates. Do the citizens of these cities have the right of self-defense? Obviously, not. The truth of gun use in regards to crime is quite the opposite of what Mr. Holder and “Beloved Leader” would like to admit. Many thousands of times a year, Americans use guns to prevent or stop a crime. These two “gentlemen” don’t want you Americans to know that. They want you to believe that if you “retreat to the wall” as it is known, you will be safe from bad guys. FBI statistics show just the opposite. Giving in to the demands of bad guys will more likely get you hurt or killed.

It is in our nature as Americans to stand up for what we believe, whether it is the simple belief of our right to not be intimidated by cowardly criminals or to resist the overreach and oppression of the government of the “Beloved Leader.” If we as Americans give in to Mr. Holder’s wishes to cower instead of standing up for our lives and rights then he and the “Beloved Leader” have won. They will have caused us to lose our self-respect and our nation.

Looking further at Mr. Holder, this is the man who allowed thousands of guns to cross into Mexico just so the “Beloved Leader” could advance lie that most of the drug cartels’ guns came from the United States. Even with the guns that Mr. Holder allowed to go to the cartels, this was not the case, as has been proven.

Mr. Holder and the “Beloved Leader” trying to brain wash the citizens of this once-great country into becoming cowardly charity cases has got to stop. It is time that both of them go away. It is time for impeachment on a grand scale. It is time for the House of Representatives to stand up like the patriots of old to bring charges and time for the Senate to stand on their own collective hind legs and act like Americans. It is time for Congress to give us back our Constitution.

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