An Open Letter to Law Makers

Senators, Congressmen, State Legislators, County Commissioners, City Councilmen:

Once again I would like to address the issue of gun control. There are many pieces of gun legislation on your table that need to be addressed. I would like to address them in total. We currently have thousands of gun laws (I have seen the figure 22,000) around the country that have been passed primarily for the purpose of reducing crime. To date few if any have made a credible dent toward that goal. Now, with the tragedy in Newtown, there is yet another knee-jerk reaction to enact more gun laws.

When you look at these laws it is constructive to consider who obeys these laws. It is, by definition, law abiding citizens. However, those who perpetrate the horrendous acts such as Newtown neither read nor follow the laws that you and your colleagues pass. This is one of two common characteristics that these mass murderers share. The other common characteristic they share is their use of drugs, either illegal or prescribed. While I have not checked all of the state laws, I am sure that we would find that it is illegal for anyone on or using these drugs to be in possession of or using a firearm. That would make them, by definition, non-law-abiding.

That brings us back to my main point. The only people who are affected by the laws that you pass are the law-abiding of this country. Passing more laws will only harm those of us who have never done anything like what you are trying to prevent.

Have you every stopped to think about where these drugged-up cowards strike? They strike at people and places that are unarmed. Where else could they be assured of unchallenged success? There are now numerous school districts in several states advocating arming teachers and administrators. What do you think is more effective, a sign that says “No Guns Allowed,” or “Staff and Teachers Responsibly Armed”? What is the likelihood of one of these cowards attacking a school with the latter sign?

Now, in addition to addressing our legislators, I would like to address our citizens. There is a concern, and I think a credible concern, that President Obama will try to use the mechanism of Executive Order to severely restrict citizens’ access to guns. Some (those infamous people who are always nameless) have even gone so far as to speculate that the One will try to institute a gun confiscation program using Executive Orders. I have also heard (unsubstantiated) that there is a growing concern among agents of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (BATFE) about this possibility. They are concerned about their safety if they are ordered to execute (pun intended) these directives.

What is going to happen if they are told to go to someone’s house to confiscate their guns? I see three possibilities. First is the possibility that the law-abiding citizen will turn over their guns. I give this one about a 60% chance for the first couple of days, and then the odds go down drastically. The second is that the law-abiding citizen will see this as an illegal search and seizure and resist. Since the BATFE agent/s are there to collect guns, there is a strong possibility that they will be met at the door with the very gun they are there to collect. This puts the BATFE agent/s in a bit of a quandary. Do they try to arrest the constitution-abiding citizen, or to they become constitution-abiding themselves? The third possibility is becoming more likely in states like Wyoming. A number of states are contemplating legislation that would make it illegal for federal agents of any department to attempt to confiscate legally owned firearms and those agents who do so would be liable for criminal prosecution.

Nation states declare to the world where their “Red Line” lies. Any other country that crosses that line is opening itself up to retaliation. We are no different. We have to decide where our “Red Line” lies; we have to decide RIGHT NOW what our actions will be if that line is crossed. Remember, the Founders were not protecting our hunting rights when they penned the Second Amendment; they were protecting us from an oppressive government of the future. Well, the future is now. When are we going to stand up to the anti-constitutionalists and say enough is enough? We elected these people and whether they like it or not they work for and represent us. It is time to send them a joint message that they need to read the Constitution and live up to their oath of office. I took that oath to defend our Constitution over 40 years ago and it is in force today just as it was then.

As always, your comments and discussions are welcome.

In Honor of the 40th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade


Tomorrow is the 40th anniversary of the Supreme Court decision, 7 to 2, in favor of murdering the unborn of our country. The logic was that it was the right of the woman to terminate her pregnancy throughout the entire nine months. That means that up until the actual moment of birth the doctor can kill the child. Notice I refer to the “child” because that is what it is. It is not an embryo; it is a child, a person. It was a person at the moment of conception and remains one until its life is ended, whether it is nine months later or 95 years later. Besides the 50 million plus lives lost to this tragic practice, I have a couple of problems with the “celebration” of this anniversary.

First, we look upon it as just another day, and “oh, by the way, the Supreme Court passed on Roe v. Wade today.” Abortion has become such a normal and natural event in our society that it almost doesn’t rate a footnote at the bottom of the news broadcast. Sad doesn’t even come close to expressing this tragic apathy. The fact that the most defenseless of our population have no protection is gut wrenching. The general acceptance by the American people has turned the concept of abortion into just another life choice.

The second concern I have is that our churches have, for the most part, faded into the background on the issue of abortion. Where are the cries and lamentations from the pulpit about this most un-Christian of actions? Have our houses of worship become so afraid of the IRS that they will bury their beliefs to prevent scrutiny from the Revenue Gestapo? The issue of abortion is only one of a myriad of issues from which the church has run.

Another area the church has sidetracked is that of homosexuality. I understand this one as easily as the abortion issue. Pastors across Christendom have absolutely no excuse to duck this one. Just a cursory scan brings up four prominent passages in the Old Testament and five in the New Testament. If you care to look them up they are:

Leviticus 20:13

Deuteronomy 23:17

2 Samuel 1:26

1 Kings 14:24

Matthew 19:12

Romans 1:25 – 27

1 Corinthians 6:9

1 Timothy 1:9 – 10

Jude 7

Our country was founded on the principles found in our Lord’s book. The church was the moral compass and that is where our leaders got their direction. Even Thomas Jefferson, who was only a marginal believer, recognized the importance of Christian teaching and education. This has been lost over the past 200 years. I believe that it is time for the church to stop bowing to Satan’s minion’s and stand up for our Lord’s Word. What happened to the time when a legislator or member of Congress or the president was held accountable for his actions?

Did you know that for at least a couple of decades after the Capital was built regular church services were held in the Rotunda? Several of our first presidents attended services there every Sunday. However, today, our nation’s leaders look upon the church as a hindrance to thought as opposed to a moral compass. Sadly, our pastors foster that mindset by staying in the background and “not making waves.” Where is the courage of their convictions? Where is their faith in our Lord Jesus Christ?

When the apostle Paul was urged by his followers not to go to Jerusalem because of the prophesy that he would be taken prisoner by the Jews who were offended by his teaching, he went anyway. Paul knew that his life was in danger but his faith was in Christ. Paul had been told by Christ that he must go. There was no question in Paul’s mind as to what he should do. Where is that conviction today? Sadly, I fear that it is lacking.

As always, your thoughts and comments are welcome.