Thanksgiving 2010


Today is Thanksgiving, 2010. Every blogger around the country is sending Thanksgiving greetings to their readers and I am no exception. However, I feel compelled to put a bit of a dour flavor to this greeting.

What do I feel grateful for? My greatest blessing is our Lord Jesus and his Father. Without our God, I would not have the peace in my heart to be able to bear the trials of life, given the speed of the news and the depravity of our world, but we will discuss that in a few minutes. Coming close to gratitude to our Lord is my gratitude to my family. My wife of 29 years (as of last Sunday) has stood by me through numerous deployments and sea tours to keep “the home fires burning;” dealing with extreme hormonal children and even a water well that died at a most inopportune time, if there ever is an opportune time for a water pump to die. My children, for the most part, still love me and are happy to have me around their children. Those of you who do not have grandchildren I have to say that I highly recommend them. Those wonderful innocent faces looking up at you in such a trusting way are beyond description.

On this day of reflection I have to stop to think about my grandchildren and what kind of country am I leaving for them. Those of you who have read my postings in the past know that I am a passionate conservative. I want to conserve the ideals of our Founders, those brilliant men who risked their lives, their families, and their fortunes for the freedoms we enjoy today. But let’s consider those freedoms.

One freedom the founders took for granted was the ability to go where they wanted when they wanted. Do we still have that freedom? I would argue that it is quickly going away. In the old Soviet Union people had to have permission to go from town to town and going outside the country was a real challenge. Today we have to submit to showing a picture ID just to take possession of a ticket we purchased to travel. Our names and itinerary are stored in a database somewhere. Then we have to have our luggage searched, scanned, poked, and prodded before it gets on the plane, train, or bus. How many American will have to submit to having pornographic images taken of them or submit to sexual assault just to get on the plane, train, or bus? Is this the freedom the Founders envisioned? As Benjamin Franklin said, “They that would give up essential liberty for a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

Since 9/11and up until the beginning of 2010 I would say that we were giving up our liberties, not by inches, but by feet. Today, however, we are giving up our freedoms by the mile. How long will it be before some government entity like Homeland Security will demand to know when and why we are travelling to grandma’s house or why we want to go to see the Grand Canyon?

From a theoretically point, who do we have to thank for this erosion of our freedoms? The current excuse is that we are being protected from the terrorists. But I have to ask, how many terrorists have been caught by using these extreme measures? How many terrorists who are listed on the no-fly lists have been allowed to fly and travel at will? The answers to these questions tell me that either extreme incompetence abounds or there is another agenda, or, most likely, both.

We will soon have not just the opportunity, but the responsibility to stand up and take our country back. I have to believe that the Founders who poured their brilliance in the most sweeping, revolutionary documents before or since would roundly chastise the citizens of the United States for allowing the freedoms they fought to confirm to erode to the current state. I ask each of you to stand with me in taking back those freedoms.

Every day I thank our God for the wonderful country He has allowed us to inhabit. The people of this country have made the world a much better place through the hard work of our industry and caring enough for our fellow man to wipe out despots that threaten this great country. I believe that better days are coming but it will take faith and perseverance to get there. In times past we have proven that Americans pulling together will dwarf the rest of the world in any endeavor.

As always, I welcome your comments and discussion.